Rwanda Ready to Wear Hat


Do you love KidKnits, but are too busy to knit your own hat?  This Ready to Wear Hat could be just right for you.  This hat is made using the hand-spun merino yarn from True Vineyard Ministries, our partner in Rwanda.  It features the standard knit stitch being taught through the KidKnits project in schools across the country.  This warm and comfortable hat comes in each of the five available yarn colors from Rwanda:

  • Indabo, which means flower, is our orange yarn.  It is dyed with Coreopsis flower petals.
  • Ikigina is our brown yarn, and means brown.  It is dyed with Coreopsis flower petals and a small amount of iron compound.
  • Inturusu, which means eucalyptus, is our yellow yarn.  It is dyed with eucalyptus leaves.
  • Umweru, which means white, is our natural, undyed yarn.
  • Dejina, the newest KidKnits color, is a deep shade of green.  It is dyed with a leafy-green vegetable



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