Rwandan Hat Kit


The Economy kit contains all of the same materials as a standard KidKnits craft kit, but the kits are packed in recycled plastic bags, rather than the hand-sewn bags.  This kit option is perfect for groups on a budget who would like to participate in the KidKnits project for the lowest possible price!

The yarn included in this KidKnits craft kit is from our partner, True Vineyard Ministries, and is handspun in Rwanda.  The wool is 100% merino sheep's wool, which is a very high quality, soft wool.  This yarn is a single-ply yarn and is spun on a drop spindle.  Each ball of yarn is 70 yards in length, weighs between 120 and 170 grams, and is sufficient for one adult or child's hat.  Kits are available in any of our five colors, and all dyes come from plants commonly found in Rwanda.

  • Indabo, which means flower, is our orange yarn.  It is dyed with Coreopsis flower petals.
  • Ikigina is our brown yarn, and means brown.  It is dyed with Coreopsis flower petals and a small amount of iron compound.
  • Inturusu, which means eucalyptus, is our yellow yarn.  It is dyed with eucalyptus leaves.
  • Umweru, which means white, is our natural, undyed yarn.
  • Dejina, is a deep shade of green.  It is dyed with a leafy-green vegetable
In addition to the yarn, each kit includes everything needed to make a hat including 
  • One 9 1/2" round loom
  • One knitting hook
  • One needle
  • One personalized gift tag
  • Instructions needed to complete your KidKnits hat

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