Rwanda KidKnits Yarn - 35 yards


The KidKnits yarn from our partner, True Vineyarn Ministries, is handspun in Rwanda.  The wool is 100% merino sheep's wool, which is a very high quality, soft wool.  This yarn is a single-ply yarn and is spun by the team of widows in Rwanda on a drop spindle.  Each ball of yarn is 35 yards in length, and weighs between 60 and 85 grams.  The length of yarn is the same as is included in the KidKnits baby hat kit, and is sufficient in length to knit one baby hat.  Our Rwandan yarn comes in five colors, and all dyes come from plants commonly found in Rwanda.

  • Indabo, which means flower, is our orange yarn.  It is dyed with Coreopsis flower petals.
  • Ikigina is our brown yarn, and means brown.  It is dyed with Coreopsis flower petals and a small amount of iron compound.
  • Inturusu, which means eucalyptus, is our yellow yarn.  It is dyed with eucalyptus leaves.
  • Umweru, which means white, is our natural, undyed yarn.
  • Dejina, the newest KidKnits color, is a deep shade of green.  It is dyed with a leafy-green vegetable

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