Chile KidKnits Yarn - 70 yards


This KidKnits yarn comes from our partner, Casa Ursulina, and is hand spun in Chile.  The wool is 100% highlander sheep's wool.  The Highlander breed of sheep is native to New Zealand but has recently been introduced in Chile and produces a warm, soft yarn.  This yarn is a two-ply yarn and is spun on a spinning wheel.  Each ball of yarn is 70 yards in length, weighs approximately 120 grams, and is sufficient to make one adult hat or two baby hats. Yarn is available in each of the following nine colors:

  • Blanco invierno  (white) yarn is undyed, natural yarn)
  • Morado (purple)
  • Turquesa (turquoise)
  • Rojo claro (light red/orange)
  • Dorado (gold/yellow)
  • Verde (green)
  • Gris (gray)
  • Rosa (pink)
  • Marrón (maroon) 
Please note that all of our yarn is hand dyed in small batches so some color variation does exist and is a natural result of this process.

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